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Is your car dirty and looks like it should not be on the road? Want to give it that new car shine? Why not visit Hollinwood Tyre, Exhaust, MOT & Service Station's car wash on your way to work? You'll get a professional car wash that does the job fast as you wait. You'll be able to drive away in a car that looks a million dollars and no longer looks like it has been abandoned on the side of the street.

Quick and professional cleaning for your car

•  Oldham

•  Chadderton

•  Middleton

•  Ashton-under-Lyne

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You can get your car cleaned inside and out with our professional valet service. With prices from just £9.99, you'll be getting a supreme clean at a cost effective price. Visit our car wash today to give yourself a clean, comfortable and shiny looking car.

Professional valet service in Chadderton and Ashton-under-Lyne

Give your car a sparkle with a car wash and valet by calling:

0161 633 1366

Valeting and cleaning a car tyre