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Looking for a car for someone who has just passed their test? Why not choose from a wide range of second hand cars available at Hollinwood Tyre, Exhaust, MOT & Service Station? You can view a solid selection of used cars that are fully working, look beautiful and will ease your children into driving after they've just gained their licence. Have a look through our car sales and find the car you want.

Second hand cars in Middleton and Manchester

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You can purchase a wide range of used cars:

Whether you're looking for a car for a first time driver or as a second vehicle in your home, you'll be able to find a bargain at our garage. Our car sales team have used cars available that can be used for a variety of reasons. Save money and spend it elsewhere on a holiday or more by visiting us to purchase second hand cars.

Take advantage of our car sales to get a bargain

Get fantastic second hand cars at great prices by visiting or calling us on:

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